Procedure to bring all rollback segments online



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Schedule this procedure as a job to make sure all your rollback segments are online -- useful if you have a backup job that takes some RBS offline, eg. to make sure a large consistent dump uses the bulk segment

create or replace procedure rollbacks_online as

--Procedure to make sure specific rollback segments are online. 
--Assumes rollback segment names
--RBS01, RBS02, RBS03, RBS04, RBS05, RBS06, RBS07, RBS08, RBS09
--Modify to suit your own RBS names
	this_status varchar2(20);
	i number;
	error_count number := 0;
	err_messages varchar2(4000);
  function return_rbs_status(rbs_name in varchar2) return varchar2

    status varchar2(20);
    stmt varchar2(2000);
    chandle binary_integer;
    results integer;

    stmt := 'select status from dba_rollback_segs where segment_name = ''' 
            || rbs_name || '''' ;
    chandle := dbms_sql.open_cursor ;
    dbms_sql.parse ( chandle, stmt, DBMS_SQL.NATIVE ) ;
    dbms_sql.define_column (chandle, 1, status, 16);
  	results := dbms_sql.execute_and_fetch ( chandle, true ) ;
    dbms_sql.column_value (chandle, 1, status);
    dbms_sql.close_cursor ( chandle ) ;
    return status;
  end return_rbs_status;

  i := 1;
  while i < 10 loop
    begin <>
      this_status := return_rbs_status ('RBS0' || i);
      if this_status = 'OFFLINE' then
      	execute immediate ('alter rollback segment rbs0' || i || ' online');
      end if;
    	when others then
      	error_count := error_count + 1;
    		err_messages := err_messages || '::::' || sqlerrm;
    end ilb;

  i := i + 1;  
  end loop;
  if error_count > 1 then
  sys.dbms_system.ksdwrt (2, 'ORA-ERRORS BRINGING RBS ONLINE **************' );
  sys.dbms_system.ksdwrt (2, err_messages);
  sys.dbms_system.ksdwrt (2, 'This message written by sys.rollbacks_online');
  end if;
	when others then
  	raise; --cause this to be rescheduled, if it's a job 
end rollbacks_online;

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