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The two types of LOBs - Analogues to string manipulation - For BLOBs

The two types of LOBs

  • Stored in the database
  • Can participate in transactions
  • Can be written to
External LOBsBFILE
  • Stored in the OS
  • Cannot participate in transactions
  • Access is read-only

Analogues to string manipulation - useful for CLOBs, NCLOBs

String manipulationExampleLOB equivalentNotes
Substringsubstr(str,startpos,[len])dbms_lob.substr(lobpointer, [len], [offset])Note reversal of 2nd and 3rd arguments. offset is like startpos
Find in stringinstr(str,pattern,[startpos],[nth])dbms_lob.instr(lobpointer, pattern, [offset], [nth])"pattern" is in raw
Appendstr1 := str1 || str2dbms_lob.append(lobpointer1, lobpointer2)lobpointer1 and lobpointer2 must be internal LOBs; can't use in SQL
Set string value in table to nullupdate mytable set mystrfield = NULL;update mytable set myclobfield=EMPTY_CLOB(); update mytable set myblobfield=EMPTY_BLOB();The LOB data is set to Null, but the LOB locater in myclobfield is set to a valid pointer. dbms_lob functions will error out if passed a null pointer.
Compareif (str1 = str2) then...if ( dbms_lob.compare(lobloc1, lobloc2) = 0 ) then...


Purposedbms_lob program
Like Substringdbms_lob.read(lobpointer IN BLOB/CLOB, length_to_read IN BINARY_INTEGER, offset IN INTEGER, buffer OUT RAW)


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